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Expert Tree Services

We know how important the maintenance and care of the trees on your property can be, so trust one of our certified arborists to point out any recommendations. Allowing weak tree limbs to remain close to your house runs the risk of significant damage and potential injury to your friends and family.

A diseased tree can easily spread an infection to other plants and trees. Trust our more than 35 years of experience. Specialized Landscape Management Services Inc is qualified to remedy any situation which may occur with trees on your property. 

Professional Tree Pruning

Proper pruning can eliminate hazardous situations. It can also promote healthy tree growth. Many species require only minimal pruning over the course of their lifetime. However, other trees require specific and careful manicuring to ensure proper health.

Professional tree care services from the specialists at Specialized Landscape Management Services Inc will keep your trees healthy and your outdoor areas safe.
Tree Services

Pest and Pathogen Control

Thousands of insect species and disease organisms are attracted to your trees, and the majority should cause no concerns. The experts at Specialized Landscape Management Services Inc know the difference between harmless visitors and the insects and diseases which can severely damage or even kill your trees.

Early detection, identification, diagnosis, and treatment by a qualified tree specialist is vital to maintain the health and well-being of your trees and green space.
Tree Services

Effective Tree Removal Services

Allowing a dying or damaged tree to languish on your property can quickly become a hazard to people, vehicles, and buildings. Dead trees can also become a fire hazard and spread disease that can harm other plants. Prompt removal is essential.

Our experts work efficiently and cost-effectively to remove dead trees on your property and leave your space safe for visitors and your family.
Tree Services

Schedule an Appointment for Tree Services

Contact us to speak with our certified tree professionals about your specific needs. We have your trees covered, so they continue to cover you!
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